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The Importance of Annual AC Maintenance

Keeping up with all of the maintenance associated with owning a home or a place of business can be challenging. There are a number of components of every building that require regular, consistent attention to continue operating and looking as intended. Thankfully, most modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are easy to maintain […]


What the R-22 Phase-Out Means for Your AC Unit

If your home or commercial space has an older HVAC system, you may be wondering what the R-22 phase-out means for your cooling capabilities. R-22, more commonly called Freon, was the industry-standard refrigerant for decades. Unfortunately, it was found to cause substantive damage to the planet’s ozone layer. The United States government, along with Canada […]


Choosing an Air Purifier in Visalia, CA

It’s no secret that air is an essential resource that we all rely on, but many people aren’t aware of the actual quality of the air that they breathe each day. You may have seen smoggy skylines with obvious pollution, but what about the air in your own home? The truth is that invisible particles […]

What Does a MERV Rating Mean?

What does a MERV rating indicate? Unless you are a professional air conditioning service in Visalia, CA, like us, the term is most likely something you’ve never even heard of. If you’re a homeowner, however, MERV rating is something you should have a basic knowledge of because it can affect the air quality in your […]

Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats

Are you looking for a way to take control of your home’s energy expenses? Recent technological advances have made that process substantially easier! Investing in a Wi-Fi enabled or smart thermostat can allow you to better track your home’s usage, and lower your overall energy expenses. Making a small, one-time investment in smart thermostat technology […]