Why Does the Filter on My HVAC in Visalia, CA Get Dirty So Quickly?

It’s a simple maintenance task, but many people forget to do it. Changing the filter on your HVAC in Visalia, CA is essential for proper system functioning. Homeowners should check the filter once a month to see if it should be replaced. Typically, filters should be replaced at least every 90 days. However, certain conditions may require more frequent filter replacement.

If you notice your filter gets dirty more quickly than average, this could be due to one or more factors. Following are a few of the most common reasons an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA encounters dirty filters:

  • Pets: Do you have pets in your home? The filter on your HVAC in Visalia, CA is designed to capture debris and prevent it from entering your system. With pets wandering around, shedding constantly, it only makes sense that you’ll find more debris in your filter. One low-shedding pet may not make a large impact, but more than one pet in the home or those that are high-shedding definitely make a difference.
  • Foot traffic: How much traffic do you experience coming in and out of your house? Do you host a lot of guests? Are your children (and their friends) constantly in and out? All of this traffic brings in particulates and kicks up dust in your home. The result is a dirtier filter in your HVAC system. The bad news is, you have to change the filter more often. The good news is, your house is full of life and fun activity!
  • Smoke particulates: Does anyone in your household smoke? Have you had any crazy kitchen misadventures? Smoke, ash and burned debris easily float through the air of your home and end up on the filter of your HVAC in Visalia, CA. If you experience any fire mishaps or if smoking occurs regularly in your home, be sure to check your filter more often. Change it frequently to avoid the need to call an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA for repairs.
  • High-quality filter: What size filter are you using? One-inch pleated filters get dirty faster than cheaper, thicker pleated filters. The tighter filter is designed to catch more. The “holes” between the netting are very small, so they let fewer particles into your system. While this is a good thing, it can mean more frequent filter cleaning or changing.
  • Duct leaks: Have you inspected your ductwork recently? Leaks in the return ductwork allow dust to be pulled in from areas like attics or crawl spaces. The extra dirt accumulated from these areas can quickly clog a filter. If your system has not been serviced recently, ask a certified HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA to inspect your ductwork for leaks.

Changing the filter on your HVAC in Visalia, CA is a simple, affordable way to extend the life of your furnace and enjoy more efficient operation. You’ll save on utility bills and furnace repairs. If you think your filter requires more frequent changes than normal, don’t hesitate to contact your local HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA. A quick inspection can determine if there is a problem that should be addressed, before major repairs are needed.

Adjust Your Thermostat for a Better Night’s Sleep

Did you know Abraham Lincoln suffered from insomnia, so he took long walks in the middle of the night? Vincent van Gogh was also an insomniac. He treated his condition by dousing his pillow with camphor, which historians suspect may have slowly poisoned him. Based on modern research, these men may have simply needed cooler temperatures to get a good night’s sleep. If only AC repair in Visalia, CA had been available, their insomnia may have been cured.

Fortunately for you, if you are having trouble sleeping, you can easily obtain heater repair in Visalia, CA to maintain comfortable temperatures and get a better night’s sleep. Research has shown that adjusting the temperature can be a major factor in your ability to sleep and your quality of sleep. Here’s the full scoop.

Your brain likes it cool

Your body has a “set point” for temperature. This is the temperature it is constantly trying to achieve for comfort. When you sleep, this set point goes down. In fact, the slight drop in body temperature is part of what induces sleep. If you can’t achieve this drop in temperature, you will have trouble falling asleep. Similarly, if the room becomes too hot or cold while you are sleeping, you are likely to wake up. If the temperature in your home is hard to maintain, consider AC repair in Visalia, CA. Complete the necessary maintenance to ensure your brain can achieve the proper temperature to send you off peacefully to slumberland.

REM requires stability

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the sleep stage in which you dream. You need to reach this stage to achieve quality sleep. If your bedroom does not remain at a comfortable sleeping temperature while you rest, this affects the quality of your REM sleep. Extreme temperatures can pull you out of REM sleep as your body fights to achieve a comfortable heat level.

The ideal temperature

Individual preferences may vary slightly, but experts typically recommend maintaining a temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit for sleeping. Some may find their comfortable zone is closer to 60 degrees. For babies and small children, ranges between 65 and 70 are usually best.

The ideal conditions

In addition to the right temperature, other conditions can create an ideal sleeping environment. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider the room where you sleep. Is it cave-like? In other words, is it dark, quiet and cool? If not, make adjustments to achieve these conditions. You may need to use room-darkening blinds, a sleeping mask, earplugs or other tools to block light and sound.

Controlling your environment

Now that you know how important the right temperature is to a good night’s sleep, how can you achieve it? If your system doesn’t properly maintain your comfort level, contact a professional for heater repair in Visalia, CA. A trained technician can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution for your setting. One simple fix could be to install a programmable thermostat. This will automatically reduce the temperature in your home during sleeping hours to your pre-programmed level, and maintain this temperature until morning.

Call for sleep reinforcements

Sleep is essential to healthy living. If you need help with AC repair in Visalia, CA to get a good night’s sleep, don’t hesitate to call the pros. The experts at McGee Refrigeration are ready to assist you. Our trained technicians can perform the necessary heater repair in Visalia, CA to help you get the rest you need.

Why Is My Thermostat Reading Lower Than the Actual Temperature in My Home?

People tend to grow accustomed to a certain thermostat setting within their home. This could be a cold 65 degrees or a toasty 80, depending on your personal preference. Either way, you’re probably going to notice when it feels hotter than what it says on the thermostat. This can be frustrating and stressful as you try to figure out what’s going on, or whether it’s all in your head. An inaccurate thermostat is actually a very common problem. The problem needs to be taken care of quickly by a HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA, as it can impact your system’s energy consumption and make your home uncomfortable. You can fix it, but you need to know what is causing the difference.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your thermostat has started reading the wrong temperature:


  • The thermostat sensor is malfunctioning: The thermostat sensor itself could be the cause of the problem. It can become out of whack and read the wrong temperature. This can sometimes be fixed just by recalibrating the thermostat. If that doesn’t work, it probably means it’s time to replace the thermostat.
  • Your thermostat is placed in a bad location: One of the most common causes of an improperly functioning thermostat is that it’s been placed in a less than ideal location. The thermostat could be affected by being located in direct sunlight, in the path of a draft or away from a central location within your home. Over time, these factors can cause it to give an inaccurate temperature reading. Try placing your thermostat in a central location, away from any drastically hot and cold sources.
  • It’s getting old: Just like your oven or your car, your thermostat will inevitably begin to develop problems as it ages. Reading the wrong temperature is one of the most common problems. Your best bet is to have an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA replace your thermostat with a newer model. Think of this as a plus, as most new thermostats have more advanced features, including programmable settings and environmentally friendly operating selections.
  • The thermostat isn’t level: Many older thermostats are mercury based. They need to be completely level in order to read the correct temperature. A small tilt or accidentally knocking it out of position could leave you with an incorrect temperature. Don’t stress, as this is an easy fix. Just readjust the position on the wall to return everything back to normal.


If your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, it’s crucial that you take the steps to fix it as soon as possible. A malfunctioning thermostat can take a toll on your system, because it will either be operating at too high or too low of a level. Your energy consumption could skyrocket as your home becomes too hot or too cold.

A professional HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA can help you get the temperatures in your home back to normal quickly—whether that means installing the thermostat in a new location or replacing it entirely. If you have questions about your thermostat or air conditioner, contact McGee Refrigeration today.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Air Out of the Vents?

As the temperatures just get hotter over the summer months, you’ll likely be relying on the cool relief provided by your air conditioner more and more. When you turn on the AC, you expect the nice cold air to blow out quickly. But that might not be the case, depending on how long it’s been since the last time you had the unit serviced by a provider of AC repair in Visalia, CA. Instead, you might be met with hot air, or even no air at all. Now, you’re faced with figuring out what the problem is, and how to fix it.

To help you keep your cool, check out these common reasons why your air conditioner isn’t blowing any air.

Snapped blower belt

A broken AC blower belt could be the culprit. The AC blower belt connects the motor and the blower. The two parts aren’t able to function properly if they’re disconnected. This can usually be fixed just by replacing it with a new blower belt. This replacement can be tricky, however, so it’s best to leave this task to a professional provider of AC repair in Visalia, CA.

Problem with the fan or motor

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing any air, it could be a problem with the fan or fan motor. Usually, the fan will draw air over the cold evaporator coils before re-circulating it back into the room to maintain a cool and consistent temperature, but it is unable to do this if the circulating fan isn’t running or is too slow. Instead, the lack of airflow over the evaporator coils causes them to become too cold, restricting the airflow. Ice or frost could even form if this goes on for too long.

To determine if this is the source of the problem, check the fan and motor located inside the cabinet. Examine each part carefully to determine if the blades are able to move easily, or if they’ve sustained any damage. Broken blades or a seized motor means they need to be replaced.

Broken fan motor capacitor

Does the motor sound as though it’s running, even though it’s not blowing out any air? This could indicate that the capacitor is defective. Remove the cover to check that the motor and fan are both able to turn freely. Look for any signs of burnt or damaged wiring as well. If you notice anything amiss, call a professional for further help, as further tests and repairs can be quite complicated.

Get your cool air back in no time by calling the professionals at McGee Refrigeration for AC repair in Visalia, CA. For more than 35 years, we’ve been performing air conditioner services so you can stay cool and comfortable all year long. Our family-owned business offers free estimates so we can get to the bottom of the problem quickly. Call us today for more information or to schedule a repair. We look forward to helping you stay cool this summer with a reliable, trustworthy AC!

How to Find the Right Local Company for AC Repair in Visalia, CA

The temperature is heating up, and your air conditioner may be in need of repair to make it through the summer heat wave. With so many HVAC contractors to choose from, it can be difficult to know if you are making the right decision about whom you decide to work with. You want to make sure you have quality service done when you need AC repair in Visalia, CA, and the following qualities can help you find a local company that can help solve your air conditioning woes:

  • Reputation: The HVAC contractor that you choose should be a reputable company. They should have been in business for many years and have legitimate standing in the industry. Ask around to find a company that consistently ensures customers are happy with their service. This will help you find an HVAC contractor you can trust to handle AC repair in Visalia, CA.
  • Experience: No matter the problem with your air conditioning system, you want to make sure that the HVAC contractor you hire can fix it properly. They should have years of experience behind them to ensure that they have seen many of the issues that arise in AC units. This will ensure they know how to fix your cooling system in a quick and efficient manner, without costly delays arising from inexperience.
  • Professional: Working with and HVAC contractor for your AC repair in Visalia, CA that is professional in all aspects of their business is important when it comes to the type of results you will receive. A contractor that takes pride in their appearance, work vehicle and office will also care about the quality of work they provide you. If the HVAC contractor you are considering hiring seems shady in any way, walk away. This will help you avoid getting into a situation where you don’t get the results you expect for your air conditioning system.
  • Customer service: You want an HVAC contractor that provides good customer service. They should respond to your calls and be happy to answer any questions that you might have. A company that cares about earning your business and giving you the respect that you deserve as a customer is one that will take great pride in making sure you are satisfied with your air conditioning repairs.
  • Local: Above all, choose an HVAC contractor that is local to your area. You will be supporting a local business and help an area business owner continue operating in your city. Not only will you get quick service from a local company, but they will appreciate your business as a local customer.

When you are in need of AC repair in Visalia, CA, keep these qualities in mind to find a reputable local HVAC contractor. Hiring the right HVAC company for your air conditioning repairs will make sure you get the best service and remain cool and comfortable all summer long. When you need AC repair this summer, contact McGee Refrigeration. We have over 35 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining heating, cooling and refrigeration systems for residential and commercial customers.