Keep Your Restaurant Running Smoothly with Restaurant Equipment Repair in Visalia, CA

Your business depends on having reliable equipment. If something stops working, your operations suffer. That’s why it’s important to perform routine maintenance on your restaurant equipment. This will keep things running smoothly and help you avoid restaurant equipment repair in Visalia, CA.

Proper care for your equipment involves three key components.

  • Routine maintenance: How often do you service your commercial refrigeration in Visalia, CA? Too many business owners assume their equipment will continue to work properly if left alone. The truth is, this machinery requires regular maintenance to operate optimally. It is essential to perform this routine maintenance to enjoy reliable performance from your equipment. Contact professionals who specialize in restaurant equipment repair to schedule regular servicing of your equipment.
  • Inspections: Equipment that is inspected regularly is less likely to break down. An experienced technician can identify problems early and make the necessary corrections before it becomes a major issue. These inspections will save you time, money and headaches. Similar to maintenance service, regular inspections should be performed by an experienced technician who possesses in-depth knowledge of commercial refrigeration in Visalia, CA.
  • Repairs: If your equipment is experiencing problems, don’t hesitate to call for restaurant equipment repair in Visalia, CA. If you wait, the problem will only worsen. Contact a professional right away so they can diagnose the issue and make repairs immediately. Neglected repairs can lead to costly downtime, lost inventory and unhappy customers at your restaurant.

When you need expert repairs for your equipment, contact the professionals at McGee Refrigeration. We specialize in all major restaurant equipment, including:

  • Commercial refrigerators: We know you rely on these units to maintain your key ingredients. If these don’t work properly, your restaurant suffers greatly. Our team specializes in commercial refrigerators, including walk-in units. We’ll keep your kitchen up and running with precision repairs for your commercial refrigeration in Visalia, CA.
  • Prep tables: Whether you use them for your employees or customers, these units are an important part of your service flow. Keeping the prep items properly cooled is essential. Our team keeps your team working smoothly.
  • Commercial convection ovens: You rely on these chambers for heating, roasting and baking. If they aren’t operational, you’re in trouble. McGee Refrigeration specializes in more than commercial refrigeration in Visalia, CA. We offer the expertise needed to keep your ovens running hot, too.
  • Fryers and steamers: No restaurant kitchen would be complete without fryers and steamers. To keep your full menu available, trust our experts to service and maintain your equipment. Using industry-leading methods, we will ensure your fryers and steamers remain reliable.
  • Mixers: At McGee Refrigeration, we know the importance of automated mixers. If you lose the ability to stir, whisk or beat, contact our mixer experts. We can inspect, service and repair your mixers to keep things properly prepared in your kitchen.

Restaurant owners must properly prep their equipment as well as their food. To maintain regular service that keeps your kitchen running smoothly, contact the experts at McGee Refrigeration for maintenance, inspections and repairs.

Why Does the Filter on My HVAC in Visalia, CA Get Dirty So Quickly?

It’s a simple maintenance task, but many people forget to do it. Changing the filter on your HVAC in Visalia, CA is essential for proper system functioning. Homeowners should check the filter once a month to see if it should be replaced. Typically, filters should be replaced at least every 90 days. However, certain conditions may require more frequent filter replacement.

If you notice your filter gets dirty more quickly than average, this could be due to one or more factors. Following are a few of the most common reasons an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA encounters dirty filters:

  • Pets: Do you have pets in your home? The filter on your HVAC in Visalia, CA is designed to capture debris and prevent it from entering your system. With pets wandering around, shedding constantly, it only makes sense that you’ll find more debris in your filter. One low-shedding pet may not make a large impact, but more than one pet in the home or those that are high-shedding definitely make a difference.
  • Foot traffic: How much traffic do you experience coming in and out of your house? Do you host a lot of guests? Are your children (and their friends) constantly in and out? All of this traffic brings in particulates and kicks up dust in your home. The result is a dirtier filter in your HVAC system. The bad news is, you have to change the filter more often. The good news is, your house is full of life and fun activity!
  • Smoke particulates: Does anyone in your household smoke? Have you had any crazy kitchen misadventures? Smoke, ash and burned debris easily float through the air of your home and end up on the filter of your HVAC in Visalia, CA. If you experience any fire mishaps or if smoking occurs regularly in your home, be sure to check your filter more often. Change it frequently to avoid the need to call an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA for repairs.
  • High-quality filter: What size filter are you using? One-inch pleated filters get dirty faster than cheaper, thicker pleated filters. The tighter filter is designed to catch more. The “holes” between the netting are very small, so they let fewer particles into your system. While this is a good thing, it can mean more frequent filter cleaning or changing.
  • Duct leaks: Have you inspected your ductwork recently? Leaks in the return ductwork allow dust to be pulled in from areas like attics or crawl spaces. The extra dirt accumulated from these areas can quickly clog a filter. If your system has not been serviced recently, ask a certified HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA to inspect your ductwork for leaks.

Changing the filter on your HVAC in Visalia, CA is a simple, affordable way to extend the life of your furnace and enjoy more efficient operation. You’ll save on utility bills and furnace repairs. If you think your filter requires more frequent changes than normal, don’t hesitate to contact your local HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA. A quick inspection can determine if there is a problem that should be addressed, before major repairs are needed.

Adjust Your Thermostat for a Better Night’s Sleep

Did you know Abraham Lincoln suffered from insomnia, so he took long walks in the middle of the night? Vincent van Gogh was also an insomniac. He treated his condition by dousing his pillow with camphor, which historians suspect may have slowly poisoned him. Based on modern research, these men may have simply needed cooler temperatures to get a good night’s sleep. If only AC repair in Visalia, CA had been available, their insomnia may have been cured.

Fortunately for you, if you are having trouble sleeping, you can easily obtain heater repair in Visalia, CA to maintain comfortable temperatures and get a better night’s sleep. Research has shown that adjusting the temperature can be a major factor in your ability to sleep and your quality of sleep. Here’s the full scoop.

Your brain likes it cool

Your body has a “set point” for temperature. This is the temperature it is constantly trying to achieve for comfort. When you sleep, this set point goes down. In fact, the slight drop in body temperature is part of what induces sleep. If you can’t achieve this drop in temperature, you will have trouble falling asleep. Similarly, if the room becomes too hot or cold while you are sleeping, you are likely to wake up. If the temperature in your home is hard to maintain, consider AC repair in Visalia, CA. Complete the necessary maintenance to ensure your brain can achieve the proper temperature to send you off peacefully to slumberland.

REM requires stability

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the sleep stage in which you dream. You need to reach this stage to achieve quality sleep. If your bedroom does not remain at a comfortable sleeping temperature while you rest, this affects the quality of your REM sleep. Extreme temperatures can pull you out of REM sleep as your body fights to achieve a comfortable heat level.

The ideal temperature

Individual preferences may vary slightly, but experts typically recommend maintaining a temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit for sleeping. Some may find their comfortable zone is closer to 60 degrees. For babies and small children, ranges between 65 and 70 are usually best.

The ideal conditions

In addition to the right temperature, other conditions can create an ideal sleeping environment. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider the room where you sleep. Is it cave-like? In other words, is it dark, quiet and cool? If not, make adjustments to achieve these conditions. You may need to use room-darkening blinds, a sleeping mask, earplugs or other tools to block light and sound.

Controlling your environment

Now that you know how important the right temperature is to a good night’s sleep, how can you achieve it? If your system doesn’t properly maintain your comfort level, contact a professional for heater repair in Visalia, CA. A trained technician can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution for your setting. One simple fix could be to install a programmable thermostat. This will automatically reduce the temperature in your home during sleeping hours to your pre-programmed level, and maintain this temperature until morning.

Call for sleep reinforcements

Sleep is essential to healthy living. If you need help with AC repair in Visalia, CA to get a good night’s sleep, don’t hesitate to call the pros. The experts at McGee Refrigeration are ready to assist you. Our trained technicians can perform the necessary heater repair in Visalia, CA to help you get the rest you need.

Avoid Heater Repair in Visalia, CA This Winter with Proper Preparation

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter. Prepare your heater with a few easy steps that will keep your system operating smoothly this season. These simple maintenance tips will help you avoid costly heater repair in Visalia, CA. Before the cold weather hits, check off the following maintenance items:

  • Professional inspection: Before winter arrives, call an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA for a routine inspection. This professional once-over will help identify any potential issues with your heater. The experienced technicians at McGee Refrigeration will inform you of any needed repairs or maintenance, so you can be prepared for the season. We can fix minor issues before they become major repairs.
  • Remove hazards: Furnaces are often located in prime storage areas of the home. This makes it tempting to pile items around your furnace. While storing items nearby is typically fine, you must be careful about what you store there. Remove any potential fire hazards stored near your furnace. This will keep you and your property safe from blazes that can begin when items get too close to the heat source.
  • Replace the filter: If you haven’t done so recently, replace the filter in your furnace. This is the easiest way to prolong the life of your furnace. A fresh, clear filter will keep it running optimally and save on energy bills. You should replace your filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on use and the number of pets in the home. A good rule of thumb is to check it at the beginning of each month and replace it if it’s dirty. Never go more than three months without replacing it.
  • Clear the airflow: You or your HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA should inspect your vents for blockages. Remove anything that could prevent or restrict airflow. You may need to clean vents, move furniture or make other adjustments to ensure proper airflow for the season. If airflow is blocked, your furnace has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature level. This results in wasted energy as well as less comfortable surroundings. Maintain clear airflow to prevent your furnace from overworking and help you avoid the need for heater repair in Visalia, CA.
  • Consider a new thermostat: Is your HVAC system equipped with a programmable thermostat? This will allow you to set the temperature for varying conditions. The system will automatically reduce the temperature at night, raise it during waking hours or lower it while you are away at work. This enhanced control can help you save on your utility bill this winter. With today’s technology, some thermostats even allow you to adjust the temperature remotely.

How many of these items have you checked off your list? Contact the professional technicians at McGee Refrigeration today to schedule your inspection. We will ensure your system is ready for winter with a thorough overview of your furnace. This quick and easy appointment can save you time and money down the road. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

Have You Changed Your Air Filters Recently?

The best way to ruin your HVAC system is to never change the filter. If you want to shorten your system’s lifespan, simply ignore this easy maintenance step. It’s frequently overlooked by many homeowners. Make it your goal to not be among their number. For proper HVAC preventative maintenance in Visalia, CA, change your filter regularly.

Why is this so important? Since many homeowners don’t realize the significance of this preventative maintenance, let’s answer some of the most common questions about air filters.

Why should I change my air filter?

Replacing the air filters in your heating and cooling units is one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest ways to prevent HVAC emergencies. This filter is designed to prevent damaging dirt and debris from entering your system’s internal engine parts. Particles as small as a grain of salt can lead to costly damage. Keep the filter fresh to ensure its effectiveness in protecting your system.

How often should I change my filter?

Air filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on use. If you are running your system daily in a home occupied by pets, don’t wait longer than a month to change the filter. In a home without pets, where no occupants have allergies, you can usually wait to change it every 90 days. A good rule of thumb is to check it each month and, if it’s dirty, replace it.

Which air filter should I buy?

For effective HVAC preventative maintenance in Visalia, CA, it’s essential to pick the right size filter for your unit. To find the right size, you can usually look at the air filter currently installed in the unit. If this is not possible, you can measure the air filter location. Measure from the bottom of the air filter compartment to the top. Then, measure the width of the slot. Lastly, extend the tape measure into the compartment until it touches the back wall and measure to the front of the compartment. This will give you the three numbers you need. For example, a common filter size is 16” x 25” x 1”.

How can I remember to change my filter?

Most filters have a place directly on the item to write the date you install it, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll remember to check that date or change it when it’s due. A good trick is to get in the habit of changing your filter when you pay monthly bills, or simply plan to always do it on the first of the month. If you’re on a 90-day schedule, change your filter at the beginning of each season. With today’s technology, you can also easily set a repeating reminder on your phone to tell you to change it.

If you’d like more tips on HVAC preventative maintenance in Visalia, CA, contact your local experts at McGee Refrigeration. With our in-depth knowledge of HVAC systems, we can answer your questions and provide professional support if needed. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do You Need AC Replacement in Visalia, CA? Here’s a Buying Guide to Help Get You Started

Air conditioners don’t last forever. At some point, the unit you have been using for a number of years just won’t get the job done anymore. At this point, it will be time to replace it, and this will require you to consider a few different things if you want to find the perfect unit for your home and your needs.

Here are five things to consider when you need AC replacement in Visalia, CA:

  • Warranty: Anything can go wrong with your AC. You can even run into problems with a unit that is only a year or two old. Not every air conditioner on the market is going to have a warranty, and if you find one that does, it will only be valid for a certain amount of time. Before you choose a replacement AC, you’ll want to ensure the one you purchase has a warranty that will be valid for a reasonable length of time.
  • Noise: If you currently have an air conditioner, or have had one in the past, you probably know that ACs can be noisy. This can sometimes make it difficult for people to enjoy being at home, even when they’re able to enjoy the cool air coming from the AC. Thanks to advances in technology, you may be able to find a quieter unit that won’t disturb you during sleep or while you are trying to watch a movie in peace.
  • Filter: All air conditioners have filters that need to be changed regularly if you expect your unit to function properly. Since changing the filter is something you can do yourself, you want to ensure its location is accessible. If it is hard to get to or not the easiest to change, you will become frustrated with your unit and may even give up on changing the filter, which can cause problems that might have been avoided had you purchased a unit with a more accessible filter.
  • Installation: Since you will likely not be installing your air conditioner yourself, it is your responsibility to consult with your contractor to make sure you purchase a unit that actually fits in your home. This doesn’t just mean finding a unit that is a good size for where it’s being installed—it also means ensuring the unit has sufficient power to cool the entirety of your home.
  • Extras: An air conditioner that consistently blows cool air is enough for most people, but there is nothing wrong with considering the extra features that some units may have available. For example, perhaps you’d like to be able to control your AC from your smartphone. This particular feature can be beneficial on those nights where you want to return to a cool home, but don’t want to leave your unit running for hours while you are away and ultimately waste money on energy.

Your air conditioner will be the one thing you want and need on those days when you just want to keep cool inside your home. It can definitely be nice to have your AC to turn to during these times, but if it doesn’t function properly, it might need to be replaced. Although buying a new unit may seem stressful, it will allow you to once again feel comfortable in your home.

Are you ready to learn more about AC replacement in Visalia, CA? The pros at McGee Refrigeration can steer you in the right direction and help you find the best unit for your home.

What Causes My Air Conditioning System to Rattle?

It is not unusual for air conditioning systems to have a problem or two during the many years of its use. Whenever there is a problem, there is something that has caused it, and getting down to the root of the problem is important because you can figure out how to fix it and possibly avoid encountering similar issues in the future. A rattling noise is no different than many of the other issues people experience with their air conditioning systems, as there can be various causes, but the good thing is there are many ways to fix it.

Here’s what can cause your air conditioning system to rattle and require professional AC repair in Visalia, CA:

  • Fans: The fans inside your AC can sometimes cause a rattling noise when they are coming into contact with the AC’s casing. This can happen when the fans aren’t properly aligned as a result of poor installation or even debris buildup. As time goes on, this problem could easily get worse and leave you with fans that don’t work at all. Luckily, addressing this particular problem with your fans is one of the more affordable, less expensive fixes.
  • Panels: Everyone knows that air conditioners have a lot of different parts that are necessary for them to function. Some important components of your AC are housed inside cabinets. These cabinets have panels, and when the screws have worked themselves loose or haven’t been properly screwed back in, the panels can rattle. Fortunately, loose panels, although extremely annoying when they rattle, are a problem that can easily be fixed by ensuring they are secure.
  • Debris: Debris can often find its way into your AC’s cabinet. When leaves, dirt, gravel and other small items enter the cabinet, they start to get knocked around and cause a rattling noise that can annoy you and compromise your comfort. The best course of action to take when you discover that debris is causing the rattling is to remove it and figure out how it is getting in, so you can keep it from happening again in the future.
  • Motors: Your AC is designed with motors that play a huge role in your being able to keep cool and comfortable in your home when you want to avoid the heat. After years of use and general wear and tear, the motors tend to wear down and the internal parts may become loose or dislodged. If the motors are causing a rattling noise, these internal parts are likely the culprits. Of course, if there is an issue with motors or the parts within them, a repair will be necessary.

There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with your air conditioning system. Even if it is something small, you might need to consider AC repair in Visalia, CA to get your unit functioning properly again. Should your unit be rattling, a professional can address this issue and potentially prevent a bigger, more complex repair from being needed later on.

Do you need AC repair in Visalia, CA? You can contact the experts at McGee Refrigeration today to discuss your needs.

Is It Time to Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

If you live in a region that experiences high heat during part of the year, you know firsthand just how important it is to have a reliable, well-maintained AC unit. But how can you tell if you need to get your unit repaired or replaced? Sometimes all your machine needs is some TLC, and other times, it’s just better to get a new unit altogether. McGee Refrigeration gets a lot of questions on this topic, so we’ve come up with some guidelines to help you decide. As always, we’re here to answer any questions you have about AC repair in Visalia, CA, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Weigh the cost of repair vs. new purchase

We’ve all played the comparison game for countless items in our lives. For example: Should I invest in that $1,000 repair job on my very old truck, or is it time to trade it in for something newer? Should I pay someone to patch the roof again, or is it time for new shingles? This same kind of pros-and-cons decision-making can apply to your AC unit. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to pay for a whole new unit right now, it could be better to invest in repairs that will get you through this season so you can save up a little before next summer rolls around. If your HVAC expert advises you that, even with repairs, your ancient AC system is likely to break down again shortly, it’s probably time to let it go.

Consider its use

Another important factor in your decision has to do with your location. If you live in Southern California and tend to just leave your windows open for the majority of the year, your unit might be just fine with a few regular repairs to keep it trucking for the couple of weeks it’s in service during the year. However, if you live in the southeast, where air conditioning is non-negotiable for most of the year, it might be a lot more cost-effective to invest in a new air conditioning unit as soon as possible.

One popular way of deciding on repair vs. replacement is to multiply the age of your AC unit by the quote for how much it would cost to repair it. If this number is higher than $5,000, it could be the right time to replace your unit. If it’s less, consider repairs instead. For example, if your AC unit is about 10 years old, and a repair is going to cost approximately $350, multiply those together and you’ll get $3,500. That number is well under $5,000, so perhaps you should repair it rather than buying a whole new unit. This isn’t a foolproof method, but it’s a helpful guideline as you go forward.

Ultimately, if you can’t decide what to do, just ask someone who has experience with AC repair in Visalia, CA. Call McGee Refrigeration for an inspection, and we can give you professional guidance to help you make the right decision.

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

We rely heavily on our air conditioners from spring through autumn. No one wants to suffer through the heat because of a faulty air conditioning system, but that’s exactly what could happen to you if you don’t heed the warning signs of an air conditioner with a problem!

One of the most common questions we get at McGee Refrigeration is, “Why is my air conditioner so loud?” Often, this question is followed by, “Is that normal?” These are important and intelligent questions to ask, and it’s best to address them now and get quality AC repair in Visalia, CA right away if you have an issue with your unit. That way, you can be sure you and your family stay cool and comfortable as long as the hot weather lasts. Here are a few things you should know about a loud air conditioner.

Some noise is normal

No one has a completely silent air conditioner, so it’s not a problem if yours makes noise while it’s running. You might notice a variation in noise level depending on how old your unit is. Newer units have improved designs that help decrease overall noise while in operation. The bottom line is that some noise is just the usual order of business for a functioning unit.

However, if you notice new noises, or move into an apartment or home that has an existing unit that seems abnormally loud, you might want to have it inspected. At McGee Refrigeration, we are experts in AC repair and inspection, so give us a call if you have any doubts or concerns.

Noises can be benign—or indicate a problem

The noises listed below are common—to a certain extent. If they seem to be getting louder, or just have a bad quality to them, it never hurts to get the noise checked out. It’s best to get regular AC maintenance anyway, which will help ensure that potential problems are taken care of before they really get bad.
Common sounds, good and bad, include:

  • Grinding: This isn’t a good noise. It’s probably coming from a fan motor, and could indicate that a bearing is wearing out. Get the noise inspected right away.
  • Rattling: This noise could be nothing, or it could be a problem. AC units live outdoors, so it’s quite common to find sticks, leaves and other debris inside them, which can rattle around and create noise. However, it’s also possible that the noise is due to a screw or bolt that’s come loose. It could also be your compressor, if you have an older unit. Compressors, like any other component, wear down over time. Yours might just need to be replaced.
  • Hissing: This noise is also bad news. It frequently indicates that you have an issue with your ductwork, or that your unit is leaking refrigerant. This is not something that will go away, so take the time to call for AC repair as soon as possible. Get a certified HVAC technician out to your home as quickly as you can to prevent further damage or issues.

Remember, it’s important to keep your AC system in good repair if you want it to last a long time. Call McGee Refrigeration for regular inspections and AC repair in Visalia, CA.

Why Is My Thermostat Reading Lower Than the Actual Temperature in My Home?

People tend to grow accustomed to a certain thermostat setting within their home. This could be a cold 65 degrees or a toasty 80, depending on your personal preference. Either way, you’re probably going to notice when it feels hotter than what it says on the thermostat. This can be frustrating and stressful as you try to figure out what’s going on, or whether it’s all in your head. An inaccurate thermostat is actually a very common problem. The problem needs to be taken care of quickly by a HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA, as it can impact your system’s energy consumption and make your home uncomfortable. You can fix it, but you need to know what is causing the difference.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your thermostat has started reading the wrong temperature:


  • The thermostat sensor is malfunctioning: The thermostat sensor itself could be the cause of the problem. It can become out of whack and read the wrong temperature. This can sometimes be fixed just by recalibrating the thermostat. If that doesn’t work, it probably means it’s time to replace the thermostat.
  • Your thermostat is placed in a bad location: One of the most common causes of an improperly functioning thermostat is that it’s been placed in a less than ideal location. The thermostat could be affected by being located in direct sunlight, in the path of a draft or away from a central location within your home. Over time, these factors can cause it to give an inaccurate temperature reading. Try placing your thermostat in a central location, away from any drastically hot and cold sources.
  • It’s getting old: Just like your oven or your car, your thermostat will inevitably begin to develop problems as it ages. Reading the wrong temperature is one of the most common problems. Your best bet is to have an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA replace your thermostat with a newer model. Think of this as a plus, as most new thermostats have more advanced features, including programmable settings and environmentally friendly operating selections.
  • The thermostat isn’t level: Many older thermostats are mercury based. They need to be completely level in order to read the correct temperature. A small tilt or accidentally knocking it out of position could leave you with an incorrect temperature. Don’t stress, as this is an easy fix. Just readjust the position on the wall to return everything back to normal.


If your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature, it’s crucial that you take the steps to fix it as soon as possible. A malfunctioning thermostat can take a toll on your system, because it will either be operating at too high or too low of a level. Your energy consumption could skyrocket as your home becomes too hot or too cold.

A professional HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA can help you get the temperatures in your home back to normal quickly—whether that means installing the thermostat in a new location or replacing it entirely. If you have questions about your thermostat or air conditioner, contact McGee Refrigeration today.