How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Winter

During the winter, your home relies more on recirculated air than at any other point during the year. Even in temperate Visalia, CA, cooler days and nights mean relying on your HVAC system instead of open windows. Lack of new, fresh air can lead to some unwanted particles making the rounds in your recirculated air—everything from pet dander to dust and allergens. Here’s what you can do to minimize the presence of these irritants and keep your indoor air quality clean.

  • Start with the source: Assess your environment to determine the sources of poor indoor air quality. This may include toxic cleaning solutions, gas emissions from an old furnace and equipment or even the failure to thoroughly remove asbestos. In homes, this may arise from failing to vacuum pet hair or change filters on furnaces. If you neutralize these sources, it will make a big difference in air quality.
  • Clean areas: Sometimes, the best thing you can do is keep things clean. Dust regularly and in areas where there is a concentration of airborne particles like mold, pollen and dust mites, wear a mask while cleaning. Use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and change bags or empty canisters outside. If you must use harsh cleaning chemicals, make sure the area is well ventilated.
  • Consider air purifiers: People with respiratory sensitivities swear by air purifiers. Find one appropriate for your environment; there are industrial strength models for workplaces and residential models for homes. Some purifiers contain technology that neutralizes bacteria, viruses, smoke and pollen, which can be a lifesaver during flu and cold season.
  • Research air quality systems: Your air quality situation may go beyond an air purifier. For that reason, an air quality system may be your best bet. We install systems manufactured by Global Plasma Solutions that eliminate harmful pathogens and Volatile Organic Compounds using a proprietary technology. They work for homes and businesses and there is a system perfect for your needs. This solution can be especially helpful if workers or households suffer from immune compromised conditions or respiratory sensitivities.
  • Schedule duct cleaning: Dust and pathogens also build up in heating ducts. When you turn on the furnace this fall, that blast of warm air brings in these irritants. Scheduling duct cleaning service can reduce that effect and if you clean and seal them, they are even less likely to introduce pollutants to your indoor air environment.
  • Increase humidity: When air becomes too dry, people are more prone to illness and discomfort. This gets worse when winter brings dryer air with the cooler temperatures. Invest in a few fan-powered humidifiers that blow moisture vapor directly into heating ducts to produce gentler heat. As a side benefit, this will also reduce static electricity, along with dust mites, mold and mildew–as long as you set it for the right level of humidity.

If you would like to improve indoor air quality in your Visalia, CA home, McGee Refrigeration is here to help. We offer air quality systems for any customer wishing to improve air quality in winter and reduce the effects poor recirculated air can have on health. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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