Tips For Winter: How To Stay Warm, Save Energy And Avoid Furnace Repair In Visalia, Ca

As temperatures drop for the season, homeowners look for ways to save on winter heating bills. Fortunately, several solutions are available to stay warm and reduce your furnace usage to keep heater repair in Visalia, CA to a minimum. Applying these tips will help you save energy, increase the longevity of your furnace and create more comfortable surroundings this winter.

Use Your Curtains

Window treatments offer more than decoration. Thick curtains also provide great insulation. Once the sun goes down, close your curtains to help trap the day’s heat inside your home. During the day, be sure to open the curtains in rooms that get sunlight. Even if you’re not home to enjoy the view, the open curtains allow the warmth of the sunlight to enter the rooms. Use this free, natural heat to reduce the amount of heat your furnace must produce each day.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Consider reducing your thermostat setting by even one degree. You might be surprised how much this saves on your utility bill. Throw on a hoodie or sweater to make up the difference in comfort. Don’t forget to adjust the thermostat even further at night. Lower temperatures create better conditions for healthy sleep, and they lower your utility bill.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Are you away from home for much of the day? It’s easy to forget to adjust your thermostat. If you are gone or sleeping, the temperature can be much lower than when you are home and active. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that will help you keep the temperature consistent while you’re home and reduced while you are away. You’ll see the difference in your billing, and your furnace will enjoy a longer life due to less unnecessary use.

Seal It Up

If your home is like most, it features many nooks and crannies that allow hot air to escape and let cold air in. This winter, seal up these places to keep your home toastier. Lay draft-stoppers at exterior door thresholds. Replace worn rubber seals around doors and windows. Check your attic for openings and add insulation if it’s not present. Maintaining a tight ship will make a huge difference in your comfort level and heating bills.

Move the Furniture

Is your couch covering your living room vents? Does your bedroom dresser block the heat? You may enjoy a cozy, heated seat on the couch, but it’s hogging all the hot air. Consider rearranging your furniture to allow the heat to property distribute throughout the room and house. Don’t forget to check all vents each season as well, to ensure they are fully open. By enhancing this ventilation, you will reduce the amount of work your furnace must do to heat the home, which will also reduce the likelihood of furnace repair in Visalia, CA.

More Winter Tips

Would you like additional tips for energy savings and reduced heater repair in Visalia, CA? Contact the experts at McGee Refrigeration today. Our experienced technicians offer in-depth knowledge to answer all your questions and offer the tips you need for comfort and savings this season.

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