Choosing An Air Purifier In Visalia, C

It’s no secret that air is an essential resource that we all rely on, but many people aren’t aware of the actual quality of the air that they breathe each day. You may have seen smoggy skylines with obvious pollution, but what about the air in your own home? The truth is that invisible particles and contaminants may be lurking in your air, potentially leading to respiratory irritation and illness. Because of this, many people invest in an air purifier in Visalia, CA to increase the quality of the air in their home. It’s a good idea to consider the different types of purifiers that you can choose from to help you determine which one is right for your situation:

  • Negative ion: In a negative ion purifier, charged particles attract dust and other particles and prevent them from being suspended in the air. As particles are attracted by the purifier, they become heavy and end up falling to the ground or attaching to other surfaces in the room.

  • Activated carbon: Activated carbon is a dark material that is characterized by an extremely high concentration of pores that promote absorption. As air passes through activated carbon in a purifier, the absorbent surface pulls a number of pollutants out of the air, such as smoke, dirt and allergens.

  • HEPA: High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) is a technology which is designed to trap the vast majority of particles in air to promote a sanitary environment. The purifier is able to trap incredibly small particles with a number of fibrous layers, often including a layer of activated carbon.

  • Ultraviolet: An ultraviolet air purifier uses a twofold process of particle filtration and microbial elimination. An ultraviolet purifier has a UV light that kills germs, bacteria and viruses and a particulate filter that removes larger particles from the air.

The benefits of ultraviolet air purifiers

There are many reasons why people might choose to invest in an ultraviolet air purifier in Visalia, CA. One of the primary benefits of an ultraviolet purifier is its ability to sanitize air to a significant extent. The UV light in these purifiers is capable of killing the vast majority of bacteria and germs, which increases the health and safety of the air in a given space. This is especially important for homes with small children, older adults or anyone with weakened immune systems. An ultraviolet purifier can also decrease unpleasant odors in a home and prevent the accumulation of dust.

Are you interested in investing in an ultraviolet air purifier? At McGee Refrigeration, we are proud to carry a great selection of air purification products that are compatible with your AC system, including the iWave®-R air purifier. This is a self-cleaning purifier that requires no maintenance and can be installed directly into your AC system. To find out more about air purification options or to schedule air conditioning service in Visalia, CA, simply reach out to us by phone today. Our team would be happy to provide you with a free service estimate so you know exactly what you can expect.

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