What’s The Best Temperature For Your Air Conditioner In The Summertime?

It can be surprisingly difficult to nail down the perfect temperature for your air conditioner to be set at to keep your entire family comfortable and cool. Trying to balance different temperature preferences for different family members while keeping your energy bills down is not an easy task, which is why your local AC service in Visalia, CA is here to help you with some information about the optimal temperatures for both the daytime and evening hours.

Daytime temperatures

On the summer days that you will be spending inside, keeping the temperature around 78 degrees will keep you comfortable if you dress seasonably. Utilizing a ceiling fan can create a wind chill effect that can cool the room off an additional four degrees so that it will actually feel like it is 74. On days that you will be out, turning your thermostat up to 85 degrees while you are gone can help you save between 5 and 15 percent on your cooling bills.

Nighttime temperatures

Because everyone has different temperature preferences when they sleep, pinning down the right nighttime range might not be as straightforward. If you are someone who has no problem sleeping in a warm room, it is recommended that you set your overnight temperature four degrees higher than your daytime temperature. For the most part, though, many prefer to sleep in a cooler room, which means that you will likely need to turn your thermostat down from its daytime setting before you go to bed. If the outdoor air cools off enough at night, you should open some windows when you go to sleep, and then close them in the morning to trap the cool air in the house before it warms up outside.

Install a programmable thermostat

Although it isn’t likely that your temperature range will vary that much throughout the day, installing a programmable thermostat will free you from the responsibility of having to remember to make the adjustments on your own. If you turn your temperatures up while you are out, programming your air conditioner to kick into your comfortable daytime temperature 30 minutes to an hour before you get home ensures that you will still be able to come home to a nice cool house each evening after work.

If you are one of those individuals who likes a cool night’s rest, zoning your home might also be helpful. Zoning will allow you to keep your bedroom temperature cooler without dropping the temperature throughout the entire house, which can go a long way toward keeping your energy bills down.

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