What’s Causing Your AC to Run Non-Stop?

Your air conditioning unit should not be running around the clock. If it is, it could be that it needs professional AC service in Visalia, CA, or that the AC unit is malfunctioning. But the problem might lie elsewhere. Here are some common causes to be aware of. Wrong size unit or ducts A properly sized air conditioning system will maintain a constant temperature and run efficiently all summer long—that is, unless your central air conditioner is too small or too big for the size of your home. A unit that is too small will have to work harder to run constantly as it attempts to cool the inside, which will cause excessive wear and tear and reduce its life. An AC unit that is too large will have a difficult time removing moisture from the air inside your home. The system will actually run for shorter bits of time and use more electricity, but put out moist, clammy, uncomfortable air. Another cause could be your ductwork. The ducts should match up in size with your AC unit and the rooms in your house. Ducts that are the wrong size are not able to adequately handle the airflow or distribute cool air efficiently throughout your home. If you believe your ducts are the wrong size for your house, call an HVAC expert for an evaluation. Old unit Like other large household appliances, air conditioning units have a lifespan—even with regular maintenance, it will eventually kick the bucket. The average AC unit can last up to 12 to 15 years, or maybe a little longer, before needing to be replaced. Just keep in mind that running an inefficient unit will waste energy and increase your monthly power bills. Clogged air filter One of the simplest ways to prevent your AC unit from running non-stop is to change the air filter. A filter that is clogged with dirt, dust and other debris will restrict airflow, make the unit work harder and cut down on the amount of cool air your AC can produce. If there’s a possibility that a dirty filter could be responsible for your AC running more often, check it now and change it if needed. Most manufacturers suggest replacing standard air filters once a month, while others can go three to four months without issue. Dirty outdoor AC unit The outdoor unit could be clogged with dirt, grass clippings, mud or leaves. When airflow is restricted, your AC may display poor performance and run all the time. To prevent this type of problem, schedule annual system checkups, which typically include the inspection and cleaning of your evaporator coils and condenser. AC needs maintenance Residential and commercial air conditioning units need regular maintenance to help them run smoothly. Professional maintenance once in the spring and once in the fall ensures that your ducts, coils, air filter and such are clean, and that you’ll avoid airflow problems and inefficient cycling. If your home is due for an AC tune up in Visalia, CA, contact the team at McGee Refrigeration today and schedule an appointment!

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