How Often Should You Replace Restaurant Equipment in Visalia, CA?

Every piece of equipment in your restaurant’s kitchen is vital when it comes to maintaining a high-quality, efficient operation. When your equipment starts to go on the fritz, you face a decision: repair the equipment or replace it entirely. You’ll find that in many cases there are some simple fixes a technician can take that will allow you to avoid major restaurant equipment repair in Visalia, CA and help your equipment function with great efficiency and reliability. But how do you know when replacing the equipment is a better option than spending the money on repairs? Here are a few factors for you to take into consideration: Age: This is probably going to be the most important factor for you to consider in making your decision as to whether to replace or repair the unit. Consider how long you’ve had the appliance and how old it is in general. The older it is, the more likely it’ll continue to experience breakdowns. At certain point, the likelihood of additional breakdowns and the cost of repairs versus the value of the unit mean it’ll become more sensible for you to replace the unit outright than to try to continue to repair it. You shouldn’t be sinking too much money in to repair and energy costs each year. Mechanical issues: The actual types of issues you’re experiencing will also play a role in whether you repair or replace your equipment. All of the buttons, handles and knobs should work exactly as they’re designed to. If you’re having issues with getting your pilot lights or door latches to work with consistency, you’ll likely find that repairing the issue will only be a temporary solution. These are often warning signs that you’re going to continue to see problems occur with your equipment, meaning you should replace it now before you have to deal with a complete breakdown and down time in your kitchen. Signs of wear and tear: Every piece of equipment in your restaurant kitchen is going to experience some degree of wear and tear over time. If you’re using it regularly, then it stands to reason that it’s not going to remain in mint condition forever. There’s nothing wrong with having a few scratches or worn spots on your equipment. However, if you start to see corrosion or rust forming or have any pitting happening on your appliances, then this can start to affect the preparation and preservation of food in your kitchen. At some point, wear and tear goes from being an aesthetic issue to a practical one, and you’ll need to replace the equipment. These are just a few of the issues you’ll want to take into consideration when determining whether repairing or replacing your restaurant equipment in Visalia, CA is the better financial and practical step for your business to take. For more information about the various issues you should keep in mind as a restaurant owner managing your kitchen space and equipment, contact the team at McGee Refrigeration today.

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