How to Hire an HVAC Company: A Comprehensive Checklist

If you’re looking for someone to assist you with work on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your home or business, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available contractors operating in your area. It can be challenging to differentiate between the numerous service providers offering HVAC assistance in your region.
Companies that specialize in services related to HVAC in Visalia, CA are capable of providing a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients. Most HVAC contractors are capable of replacing old HVAC systems, installing new systems, performing major substantive repairs and executing general maintenance, as well. Additionally, some highly specialized HVAC contractors possess the skills, tools and experience necessary to also operate on commercial refrigeration gear.
Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to establish which HVAC contractors in your region are a cut above the rest. Following these simple steps, you can easily identify the best company to assist you with your HVAC in Visalia, CA:
  • Ask around: The first thing that you should do when searching for a new HVAC contractor is just ask around. Rather than looking online or in the phone book, first see if your friends, family members or coworkers have any recommendations. Your local Chamber of Commerce or business association may also have a list of member businesses that you can consult.
  • Check reviews and reputation: Once you’ve identified a business that you’d like to consider working with, you should examine their online presence, and see what other locals are saying about the quality of their work, their professionalism and more. It’s important to note that online reviews aren’t always the most reliable—you can also ask the business in question for references or recommendations.
  • Examine credentials: Ask about any credentials or accreditations that the business you’re thinking about hiring possesses. It’s never a bad idea to check with the agency that’s accredited them to make sure that the business in question is still in good standing, and that everything checks out.
  • Determine scope of services: Next, you should work with the HVAC contractor to determine the full scope of services they’re capable of providing to you. For instance, if they can also assist you with your commercial refrigeration equipment, you may be able to work out a single comprehensive appointment for all of your cooling needs.
  • Ask for an estimate: Finally, it’s time to ask for a service cost estimate. While the total may end up being slightly more or less than the quoted estimate, you can use the estimate as a tool to help you establish the amount you’re going to have to pay in exchange for HVAC services.
McGee Refrigeration has been an expert in HVAC in Visalia, CA, since 1981. We’re proud to provide our commercial and residential clients with high-quality HVAC services. Additionally, we specialize in providing refrigeration services for restaurants and other food vendors. Regardless of your HVAC or refrigeration needs, you can count on McGee Refrigeration to provide you with the assistance necessary to keep your home and goods cool.
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