Schedule Your Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance in Spring

Beautiful spring weather is upon us. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and everything seems to be coming back to life. After the colder, rainier weather, most people are ready for the uplifting feeling of spring. Just like people need to shake off the dust and get ready for the nice weather, HVAC systems need attention in the spring as well. That’s why you should call to schedule air conditioning preventative maintenance in Visalia, CA today.

The very end of winter and early spring are the best times to schedule air conditioning maintenance. Any damage caused by the colder weather or lack of use can be identified before the increased use of your unit during the summer. As it gets hotter, HVAC repair specialists will become busier, so getting in before the busy season will ensure your AC has been tuned up before the hot weather hits.

There are many different reasons to make sure you stick to an air conditioning maintenance schedule in Visalia, CA this early spring. Here are just a few of the benefits to having an AC that’s operating in peak condition.

Reduce energy costs

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance can help lower your utility bills. If the unit is functioning properly, it will allow the system to efficiently cool down your home, putting less strain on your wallet. An HVAC repair specialist can check for buildup in your filters, changing them out in time to catch the spring allergens. They will also check the flow rate and see if any leaks are keeping your unit from working properly. All of this will help you save over the summer months.

Increase lifespan of unit

The lifespan of your unit can be increased by 30 to 50 percent if you have regular maintenance done. Parts are able to be replaced more quickly, so instead of waiting for a problem to become bigger and potentially affect the rest of the unit, you can fix any wear and tear issues more promptly. Regular maintenance also ensures that all of the chemical levels are accurate and clean, reducing buildup and contaminants that can be deadly to your HVAC in the long run.

Prevent costly repairs

You don’t want to be caught on the hottest day of the summer without a working HVAC system. If you get your regular maintenance done in the early spring, you will ensure that any smaller repairs are done and your refrigerant is filled. If your refrigerant gets too low, the compressor on the HVAC unit may quit, which is an expensive and difficult fix. A breakdown is always going to be more costly than getting routine maintenance done in the first place.

Don’t be caught in the hot summer heat without a properly working air conditioner. If you’re looking to establish an air conditioning maintenance schedule in Visalia, CA this spring, give McGee Refrigeration a call. Our technicians can perform the preventative maintenance you need to make sure you stay cool all summer. We look forward to working with you!

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