Why Is It So Hot in My House During the Winter?

Everyone wants to stay warm during the winter—but not to the point of overheating. No one wants to be sweating in a stuffy home! Here are some possible reasons for why your house is too hot in the winter in Visalia, CA.

Malfunctioning thermostat

If the temperature sensor in the thermostat is measuring incorrectly, the thermostat won’t be able to shut off the furnace or heat source. Even if the thermostat is providing accurate readings, a malfunction in the wiring that controls the heating system can also lead to the same problem.

Faulty heating system

Electrical failure can also occur within the heating system. The temperature control switch that turns off the furnace could be broken, which would put the system at high risk of overheating. Not only will the home become too hot, but a heater that’s running non-stop will consume an enormous amount of power, leading to shortened machine life and higher utility bills.

Addressing issues with the heating system requires professional help. If the heat is truly unbearable, shut off the heating system by flipping the breaker switch, which even works for gas furnaces.

Check your attic’s thermal integrity

An improperly insulated attic could send treated air upwards, causing the top floor of your home to be much hotter than intended. Reinforcing your insulation and clearing any blockages in the vents will help your upper floors retain cool air. Installing an attic fan could provide further cooling to your attic.

Reduce heat sources

Your top floor will naturally be warmer than the rest of your home, so you could lower its temperature with small behavioral adjustments. Turn the lights off when you’re not using the space, and limit the use of appliances that generate heat (e.g., hair dryers, clothes steamers). Whenever possible, keep your windows covered during the day to minimize heating from the sun. Not only will these changes help lower the air temperature, but they could lower your power bill, too.

Inefficient heating system

If you notice uneven heating in your multi-level home, perhaps your current HVAC system simply can no longer provide consistent heating throughout the house. A more efficient furnace will help maintain your home at a more uniform temperature and provide greater comfort to those within it.

Leaky ductwork

Leakage in the ductwork could also account for discrepancies between the thermostat setting and the actual temperature of the air being delivered. While your ducts can’t be repaired without ripping up your walls, but the potential improvement in efficiency and reduction in utility costs might make the invasive endeavor worthwhile, especially if this upgrade coincides with a renovation that already requires opening up the walls.

Don’t delay in dealing with an overheated home, and don’t attempt any repairs on a heating system on your own. If you can’t lower the heat or your furnace is not shutting off in Visalia, CA, get in touch with the team at McGee Refrigeration to get your house back to an optimal temperature. We look forward to assisting you!

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