What Is the Latest in AC Technology?

Technology is making things all around us easier and more convenient every day. In fact, technological improvements mean that your HVAC system might soon be better than ever before. The fact is that investing in technological advances for your air conditioning system can lead to a more efficient, longer-lasting system that provides ideal comfort for your whole family.

There are a number of ways in which AC technology in Visalia, CA is helping homeowners every day when it comes to saving money and conserving energy. From movement-activated cooling systems to smart thermostats, these changes are making people’s lives easier during the sweltering summer months. Read on to find out about the latest technological developments in the air conditioning world.

Thermally-driven air conditioning

This development is intended to be a lower-cost alternative to a traditional HVAC unit. While it’s still in early development, this system uses solar energy and natural gas for a double chiller. This efficient system will effectively eliminate use of electricity.

Smart home thermostats

Here’s one development that’s already here for commercial application. Everything from cars to refrigerators to TVs connect to the internet, so why not thermostats as well? It’s easy to control the temperature remotely via an app, so you never have to worry about the air conditioner running for days on end. Plus, many smart home thermostats will automatically make changes that will improve efficiency and extend the lifetime of your HVAC unit.

Movement-activated air conditioning

This ingenious system uses sensors on aluminum rods that are hung from the ceiling. When a person moves in the room, the sensors are activated and the air conditioner kicks on. This relatively simple idea is a bit more difficult to implement. Right now, it’s only a prototype, but this kind of technology will revolutionize the field in the coming years.

Ice-powered air conditioning

A system called the Ice Bear was developed by a California company. This works by freezing water in a tank during the night so the ice can be used to cool a building the next day. It provides enough cool air to a building for about six hours before a traditional air conditioner takes over. While this technology will need some tweaking to be reliable, it’s a great alternative that provides economic benefits, as it only draws on power at night, when electricity is cheaper.

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