Avoid Heater Repair In Visalia, Ca This Winter With Proper Preparation

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter. Prepare your heater with a few easy steps that will keep your system operating smoothly this season. These simple maintenance tips will help you avoid costly heater repair in Visalia, CA. Before the cold weather hits, check off the following maintenance items:

  • Professional inspection: Before winter arrives, call an HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA for a routine inspection. This professional once-over will help identify any potential issues with your heater. The experienced technicians at McGee Refrigeration will inform you of any needed repairs or maintenance, so you can be prepared for the season. We can fix minor issues before they become major repairs.

  • Remove hazards: Furnaces are often located in prime storage areas of the home. This makes it tempting to pile items around your furnace. While storing items nearby is typically fine, you must be careful about what you store there. Remove any potential fire hazards stored near your furnace. This will keep you and your property safe from blazes that can begin when items get too close to the heat source.

  • Replace the filter: If you haven’t done so recently, replace the filter in your furnace. This is the easiest way to prolong the life of your furnace. A fresh, clear filter will keep it running optimally and save on energy bills. You should replace your filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on use and the number of pets in the home. A good rule of thumb is to check it at the beginning of each month and replace it if it’s dirty. Never go more than three months without replacing it.

  • Clear the airflow: You or your HVAC contractor in Visalia, CA should inspect your vents for blockages. Remove anything that could prevent or restrict airflow. You may need to clean vents, move furniture or make other adjustments to ensure proper airflow for the season. If airflow is blocked, your furnace has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature level. This results in wasted energy as well as less comfortable surroundings. Maintain clear airflow to prevent your furnace from overworking and help you avoid the need for heater repair in Visalia, CA.

  • Consider a new thermostat: Is your HVAC system equipped with a programmable thermostat? This will allow you to set the temperature for varying conditions. The system will automatically reduce the temperature at night, raise it during waking hours or lower it while you are away at work. This enhanced control can help you save on your utility bill this winter. With today’s technology, some thermostats even allow you to adjust the temperature remotely.

How many of these items have you checked off your list? Contact the professional technicians at McGee Refrigeration today to schedule your inspection. We will ensure your system is ready for winter with a thorough overview of your furnace. This quick and easy appointment can save you time and money down the road. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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