Adjust Your Thermostat For A Better Night’s Sleep

Did you know Abraham Lincoln suffered from insomnia, so he took long walks in the middle of the night? Vincent van Gogh was also an insomniac. He treated his condition by dousing his pillow with camphor, which historians suspect may have slowly poisoned him. Based on modern research, these men may have simply needed cooler temperatures to get a good night’s sleep. If only AC repair in Visalia, CA had been available, their insomnia may have been cured.

Fortunately for you, if you are having trouble sleeping, you can easily obtain heater repair in Visalia, CA to maintain comfortable temperatures and get a better night’s sleep. Research has shown that adjusting the temperature can be a major factor in your ability to sleep and your quality of sleep. Here’s the full scoop.

Your brain likes it cool

Your body has a “set point” for temperature. This is the temperature it is constantly trying to achieve for comfort. When you sleep, this set point goes down. In fact, the slight drop in body temperature is part of what induces sleep. If you can’t achieve this drop in temperature, you will have trouble falling asleep. Similarly, if the room becomes too hot or cold while you are sleeping, you are likely to wake up. If the temperature in your home is hard to maintain, consider AC repair in Visalia, CA. Complete the necessary maintenance to ensure your brain can achieve the proper temperature to send you off peacefully to slumberland.

REM requires stability

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the sleep stage in which you dream. You need to reach this stage to achieve quality sleep. If your bedroom does not remain at a comfortable sleeping temperature while you rest, this affects the quality of your REM sleep. Extreme temperatures can pull you out of REM sleep as your body fights to achieve a comfortable heat level.

The ideal temperature

Individual preferences may vary slightly, but experts typically recommend maintaining a temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit for sleeping. Some may find their comfortable zone is closer to 60 degrees. For babies and small children, ranges between 65 and 70 are usually best.

The ideal conditions

In addition to the right temperature, other conditions can create an ideal sleeping environment. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider the room where you sleep. Is it cave-like? In other words, is it dark, quiet and cool? If not, make adjustments to achieve these conditions. You may need to use room-darkening blinds, a sleeping mask, earplugs or other tools to block light and sound.

Controlling your environment

Now that you know how important the right temperature is to a good night’s sleep, how can you achieve it? If your system doesn’t properly maintain your comfort level, contact a professional for heater repair in Visalia, CA. A trained technician can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution for your setting. One simple fix could be to install a programmable thermostat. This will automatically reduce the temperature in your home during sleeping hours to your pre-programmed level, and maintain this temperature until morning.

Call for sleep reinforcements

Sleep is essential to healthy living. If you need help with AC repair in Visalia, CA to get a good night’s sleep, don’t hesitate to call the pros. The experts at McGee Refrigeration are ready to assist you. Our trained technicians can perform the necessary heater repair in Visalia, CA to help you get the rest you need.

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