The Best Ways To Heat And Cool Old Houses

Old houses can seem very fickle. Some rooms are seemingly always freezing, while others feel sweltering even in the dead of winter. Because of this, old houses are notoriously challenging to properly heat and cool. The structural differences, dated infrastructure and other antiquated features can make it difficult to find the right setting that’s suitable for the entire home. However, there are steps you can take to maintain a comfortable home throughout the year without paying an arm and a leg.

Follow these tips to effectively heat and cool your old house and avoid the need for expensive furnace or AC repair in Visalia, CA.


Many older houses were built before air conditioning was a standard feature. The infrastructure wasn’t changed in most homes when the HVAC was later added. Because of this, these homes often lack the necessary ductwork required to accommodate most modern forced air cooling systems. This means traditional central air conditioning systems usually aren’t the best option. Consider these alternatives:

  • High-velocity HVAC systems: A high-velocity HVAC system uses a dedicated HVAC unit that’s connected to a mini-duct system to provide heating and cooling. This system can be incorporated into older homes, as it’s smaller than standard ductwork. The ducts can easily be snaked over ceilings and through walls for installation without disrupting the appearance of the home.

  • Ductless mini-split HVAC: These units are the best solution in older homes where ducts aren’t an option. An exterior heat pump is connected to an interior air handling unit that then distributes the air to the living areas. Everything is connected by a line set containing wiring and refrigerant piping to a small hole in the exterior walls of the home. The air units are mounted on the wall and can easily be controlled with a remote.

Both of these cooling options should last for years with regular air conditioning service in Visalia, CA.


The two cooling systems mentioned above will also work to heat an old house. Another option is radiator heating. Many older homes are already equipped with radiator heating systems, as the method was commonly used in homes as early as the 1800s. Consider upgrading this dated heating method with new, high efficiency models to improve the heating throughout the entire home without having to alter the existing structure.

Your HVAC contractor will examine the existing components before determining if the system is suitable for an upgrade. If so, a new boiler will be installed to be used with the existing in-room radiator units. The new boilers will offer better efficiency and more even heating in comparison to the older home boilers. This should also help you cut down on energy costs, as it’s significantly more energy efficient than most older iterations.

Improve your old home with help from McGee Refrigeration

An expert technician with McGee Refrigeration can help you determine the best option for your home. We will inspect the current system before advising on the right choice to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Call us today to learn more about our HVAC and air conditioning services in Visalia, CA.

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