Avoid Health Risks From Air Conditioning Overuse

During the heat of summer, it can be tempting to run your air conditioner 24/7. There is little that feels better than walking in from the heat to a cooled home, and we all know how blissful it is to sleep in a cool room. Not having a working AC is almost not an option, and if yours isn’t working, it may be a top priority on your list to call for AC service in Visalia, CA so you can be up and running again. However, you may want to think twice before cranking you AC down as low as you can. In fact, there are health risks associated with overusing your air conditioner:

  • Dry skin and sinuses: The most common complaint of those that overuse their air conditioner is the associated dryness. Being exposed to central air conditioning for long periods of time can dry out your skin and nasal passages. Conditioned air is lower in humidity than non-conditioned air, which leads to the dryness. Take breaks from running your air conditioner constantly and use a humidifier at night to help with dry skin and sinuses.

  • Indoor allergens: Allergens can get circulated through the home by the central air conditioner. If you run your AC constantly, your allergies can be exacerbated. If mold or other debris is present in your vents, those can also be circulated through the AC. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance and AC service in Visalia, CA to have your filters changed, ductwork cleaned and overall maintenance performed on the system to limit allergens and make your system is spreading clean air.

  • Air pollution: Allergens aren’t the only things that can be circulated by your AC. Indoor air pollution can accumulate in your home, including dust, pet hair, pesticides, chemicals, mold and more. It’s not good to constantly breathe in these toxins, even if you’re not experiencing allergy symptoms. Have a professional provider of AC service in Visalia, CA clean and check out your AC system for potential pollution.

  • Colds and sinus infections: Constant allergies, exposure to indoor air pollution and the dryness of the conditioned air can all lead to colds and other respiratory illnesses. When mucus membranes dry out, they leave you susceptible to illness, and chronic allergies can quickly lead to sinus infections.

  • Heat intolerance: Spoiling yourself with cool conditioned air may make it harder for you to stand being in the heat when you go outside. If you spend most of your day indoors, the outdoor heat could make you dizzy or cause headaches. It’s a good idea to increase your tolerance for heat slowly, inching up your thermostat a degree or two at a time. And of course, when you do go outside, remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and avoid heat stroke.

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