Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Up and Running!

When you started your restaurant, you probably put a lot of planning and research into the equipment you would bring into your kitchen, and that’s not even to mention the massive financial investment you likely needed to make to do so. It’s important that even long after you started your business you continue to prioritize the quality and efficiency of your equipment by engaging in regular preventative maintenance. Your maintenance plan shouldn’t just be to wait for something to break and then fix it—you should instead be proactive with your maintenance at all times.
Here are some restaurant equipment tips to help you perform high-quality kitchen maintenance in your Visalia, CA restaurant to keep your equipment in outstanding operational condition for many years to come.

Keep a maintenance checklist handy

You should write out an actual maintenance checklist so you know which tasks need to be accomplished and at which intervals. This makes it easier for you to create a scheduled maintenance plan, allowing you to keep your equipment clean and in good condition so it operates as smoothly as possible.

A failure to maintain and clean your equipment will damage your performance and also make your kitchen more unsafe. For example, many range fires are a result of grease buildup and faulty electrical issues, both of which can be easily avoided if you stay on top of your regular maintenance.

Keeping a checklist makes tracking which maintenance tasks have been performed much easier, and also allows you to keep ongoing documentation that indicates how well you’ve maintained your equipment over the years. This can be helpful for eventual resale, as well as for warranty purposes.

Call in the professionals

While your staff should certainly play at least a small role in the process of keeping your equipment clean and in good working condition, you should leave the most important and specialized tasks up to equipment maintenance professionals. Service technicians will be able to identify any small issues that could turn into larger, more expensive ones down the road, making it easier for you to avoid big hits to your pocketbook. They’ll also clean, sanitize and run diagnostic tests to make sure your equipment looks good and runs even better.

Prioritizing preventative maintenance will help you avoid equipment breakdowns, which can cause downtime and prevent you from being able to fulfill the needs of your customers during peak hours. A restaurant that has some of its most important pieces of equipment out of order will be severely limited when the dinner rush arrives, and the longer you let the issue sit unaddressed, the more money you’ll lose as a result. Plus, your customers may get frustrated with the downtime and associated delays, which could result in poor reviews and lost business.

For more information about the steps you can take to prioritize preventative restaurant equipment maintenance in Visalia, CA, we encourage you to reach out to the team at McGee Refrigeration today. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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