How Cleaning Your Walk-in Cooler Can Prevent Future Breakdowns

Your walk-in cooler is one of the most expensive things your business owns and operates. It is crucial to customer safety and to making sure you are offering a top-quality product that customers know they can always rely on. Walk-in cooler preventative maintenance in Visalia, CA is a critical task, and you absolutely need to make sure that you trust the pros when looking into this service.

There are a lot of things you can do on your own to make sure your walk-in cooler is running at the height of its powers, but there are also some things you should leave up to your friends at McGee Refrigeration.

DIY tips

A lot of walk-in cooler maintenance in Visalia, CA really boils down to remembering to do things the right way and using some common sense. For example, always remember to close the door when it’s not in use, and make sure this is a habit with your employees as well. Placing a sign on the cooler door (or near it) can go a long way towards reminding people how important this step is.

Also, make sure you give the walk-in cooler “room to breathe”—never place items against the coil. Restricting airflow like this can cause a lot of problems—you are not providing the air it needs to run at peak capacity, which can create the drag that causes problems in the short term and the long term. Additionally, don’t place anything on top of the unit, as damaging ceiling panels is a really easy way to cause maintenance headaches.

DIY cleaning tips

As with anything expensive, you want to make sure you’re keeping your walk-in cooler clean and tidy. Cleanliness is actually a big part of walk-in cooler maintenance in Visalia, CA. Keep food debris cleaned up, and use good old soap and water for cleaning and scrubbing. Harsh chemicals can damage the metal surfaces of your walk-in cooler, creating a big maintenance project than you likely bargained for. Use stiff-bristled brushes with soap and water to clean your coils, too—keeping them tidy reduces the buildup that can eventually lead to the need for expensive replacements.

Professional cleaning services

As noted above, much of walk-in cooler preventative maintenance in Visalia, CA should be left in the hands of professionals, especially cleaning components. The techs at McGee Refrigeration can help you by cleaning the fan blades (thereby reducing drag) and checking the fan motors to make sure they’re running at the right speeds. These can save you money in the form of efficiency. Our techs also know how to check all wiring connections, as loose ones are another money drain. They will cause the unit to draw more power than it needs and send your energy bill through the roof, so our techs always make sure to check that they are nice and tight.

Your walk-in cooler represents one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your business. Make sure you’re taking the time to perform regular maintenance by cleaning it, and schedule regular checkups with the pros at McGee Refrigeration to stay on top of other issues.

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