Can Leaving My AC on Too Much Cause Health Issues?

It’s hard to think of a time when air conditioning has been more necessary. As COVID-19 ensures that we’re all spending quite a bit more time in our homes with our loved ones, the temperatures outside are starting to spike as summer picks up steam. This is the perfect recipe for needing your HVAC to work exactly as intended.

At McGee Refrigeration, we frequently get questions about whether or not it’s safe to run air conditioning around the clock. In response, our experienced technicians have compiled some thoughts on this matter, since health problems caused by air conditioning in Visalia, CA are something we want all of our valued customers to avoid.

Control the temperature

If you leave your AC running most of the time, chances are you have it running too cold—this is especially true in commercial buildings, where it’s not uncommon to see workers shivering at their desks. This can lead to fatigue and illness, including chronic headaches, so be sure your air conditioning is not being run at too low a temperature. Excessive cool air constantly entering your head can also lead to mucus membrane infections or breathing difficulties that can be a springboard to more serious illnesses like colds and flus. Many air conditioning-related health issues in Visalia, CA can be avoided by making sure the AC is just not turned too low at the start.

Apply lotion to your skin

Air conditioning was originally invented as a way to remove humidity from the air, and it can actually become too successful at this task. If you leave your AC unit running too often, then health problems caused by air conditioning in Visalia, CA could extend to your skin’s health. If your skin is coming in constant contact with cool, dry air, then skin problems might not be too far behind. This type of exposure can quickly dry out your skin, so regulate the amount of time you run your AC and be sure to lotion up often to avoid itchy, dry skin.

Lowering tolerance to heat

Heat is a fact of life, especially here in California. You’re going to encounter it when you step outside, so it’s something with which you’ll want to maintain some level of comfort. Health problems caused by air conditioning in Visalia, CA can include an increased risk of heat-related death among people whose bodies can be somewhat “shocked” when they leave climate-controlled areas sparingly and are not ready to encounter the heat of the outside world.

Air conditioning is a wonderful invention that keeps many of our customers comfortable during warmer months, but it should be used with some degree of caution. Our technicians recommend using it sparingly to avoid the health issues described above, as well as running it at a temperature that isn’t excessively low. It’s best to run your AC when you most need to be comfortable, and at a temperature that helps you stay cool and relaxed. For more tips, or to schedule service, reach out to McGee Refrigeration today.

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