Why Is There a Grinding Sound Coming from My Air Conditioner?

We’ve all come to rely on air conditioning as a necessary feature of modern life. It helps make our California summers more tolerable, to be sure, and proper maintenance of these systems is a vital way to make sure that they operate correctly when called upon. There are a number of things homeowners can watch for when monitoring their air conditioning systems, but one of the most obvious signs of trouble is a grinding noise. An air conditioner making a grinding noise in Visalia, CA can typically be the result of a number of potential causes. Our technicians have found that the following are the most common reasons you might be hearing a grinding noise coming from your unit.

Why does an air conditioner make unpleasant sounds?

Your air conditioning unit is a complex system that has many moving parts. They all play their own roles, and the deterioration of any one of them can lead to some unpleasant sounds alerting you to their failure. For example, an old belt can sometimes lead to squealing or screeching sounds emanating from your air conditioner, while something like a smacking sound (think baseball cards on a bicycle wheel) can mean you’ve got something jammed in the blades—clear this out right away, or it could damage your air conditioner’s motor by overtaxing it. An air conditioner grinding noise in Visalia, CA, however, is likely caused by something different.

Potential culprits for a grinding sound

For starters, your air conditioner could be making this noise due to a problem in the compressor, though this is usually only the case when a particularly harsh grinding noise is heard. The compressor sends refrigerant through the lines and enables the crucial heat exchange process, so it’s really a vital part of the whole system. Once it wears down over time, the pistons can start to make the grinding noise as they labor more and more. A compressor replacement is the only choice you have here to fix a grinding noise from an AC unit in Visalia, CA—be sure to call the pros at McGee Refrigeration to get the job done right the first time around.

Other potential causes

Another potential reason for that air conditioner grinding noise in Visalia, CA lies with the air handler motor. That motor has bearings in it that can wear down over time, and when they finally do, you’ll start to hear the grinding noise, which should be addressed immediately in order to protect your motor from being completely ruined.

If your air conditioner is making a grinding sound, chances are it has problems that need to be handled by a professional technician. A grinding sound is not typically the sign that a DIY repair is necessary or even possible, so if your unit is acting up like this, please give McGee Refrigeration a call. We are more than happy to assist you, as we’ve been doing for customers in California for almost 40 years. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment!

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