May 23, 2021

2021-07-16 | 17:58:59

"McGee Refrigeration went above and beyond! I highly recommend them. They have an excellent staff. This review is lengthy because I have so many good things to say about this group of people. I had 3 other AC companies give me estimates. So glad I chose this company. I had a 40 year old heater, damaged air flow tube, and no AC in a mobile home Owners Owen and Lana McGee train their employees to give excellent customer service and quality results. Lana was so helpful and patient on the phone with all my questions. I first met Gary who came to give me an estimate. He was professional, positive, personable and thorough. He measured everything, crawled under the house to check the damaged air flow tube, took a photo showed me the damage. He clearly explained every detail. He set the tone. Next came Troy and Brendan the technicians who did all the hard work. And boy did they! They installed a new heater/AC and condenser. They also put in all the electrical for the units, and thermostat. Because my home is a mobile home and the logistics of where the condenser needed to be they came across challenges but always adapted and got it done. But they didn't just do their jobs. The first day I told them to be careful and not trip on my Direct TV cable because it had fallen down from the carport awning. They instantly said, oh we can fix that for you, and Troy got a ladder and reattached it so I no longer have to step over it. Not only that, but we were telling them that we were going to tear down a shed that was now too close because of condenser but we were concerned because it has electrical going to it. This shed had mold in it. Brendan put on a safety breathing mask and went in and checked it for us and disabled electrical. Troy and Brendan did an excellent job and were constantly working. I highly recommend McGee Refrigeration to anyone who needs installation, maintenance or repair of an Air conditioning system. I will be signing up for their maintenance program as well. Great group of professionals!"
May 17, 2021

2021-07-16 | 17:59:26

"This company is amazing! They do everything they can to work around my schedule when it comes to servicing my AC. Then, when a problem occurred with the unit, not only did they fix it ASAP, BUT they were willing to send out a painter to fix the paint damage as well. I’m a customer for life!!!"
May 8, 2021

2021-07-16 | 17:59:39

"The office staff and technician were a pleasure to deal with. Definitely will use again!"
May 7, 2021

2021-07-16 | 17:59:46

May 3, 2021

2021-07-16 | 17:59:57

"When my heating and air conditioning unit went out, I had no idea who to turn to for such services. A company came out and gave me a quote for a new unit and duct work which was upwards of $20,000. Lana and Owen believed that I was being overcharged for such services and equipment. Owen personally came out and took a look at the duct work and unit on the roof and confirmed we were being overcharged. Within a week, McGee Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning was at the house replacing the duct work and installing the new unit on the roof. The team that installed the equipment was led by Troy. He was punctual as well as respectful to me and my boyfriend. He answered all the questions we had and if he didn't have the answer, he was sure to have it by the end of the business day. We are so thankful and so comfortable in our cool home right before the heat of summer. We highly recommend McGee Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning! Thank you Lana and Owen!"